25 Best Thinking Of You Quotes For Him and Her

Here we share some of the best “Thinking of You’ quotes and messages for him and her with amazing images.

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Best Thinking of you quotes and messages:

“I think about you a lot more , than I should “

“I think about you constantly whether it’s with my mind or my heart “

“Take my hand, take my whole life too, For I can’t help falling in love with you”

“My heart dances with joy , when think about you” 

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
thinking-of-you-quotes-Did-you-ever-stop-to-think-and-forget-to-start again
“I keep myself busy with things to do, but everytime I pause, I still think of you”
“I am trying to not thin about you , but it’s not working”
“I’m busy hardworking person , but during all the pauses between heavy works , I never forget to think about you” 
If I quit thinking of you , I might stop breathing too
“I am thinking about you , and I know that easiest think is to spin to continue, but the hardest thing is to try and believe again” 

“I wonder , If you think of me , like I think of you”

“Everytime I think of you , I hug you in my heart” 

“You are not mine too think about you , but I still do” 

“One day I caught myself smiling for no reason , then I realized I was thinking of you”

“Thinking of you empowers me with wings , wings to reach out to you and embrace you”

 “I think of you all day long, how am I supposed to be things done”

“You are the sun in my day , the wind in my sky ,the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart – Thinking of you”
“There’s not a single moment in the whole day, when I don’t think about you” 

“You don’t cross my mind , You live in it” 

“Do you ever realize , how amazing you are to me”

“when I want to smile , I exactly know what to do , I simply close my eyes and I think of you”

“Just wanted to let you know, , you are in my thoughts , all the time” 

“Thinking of you , makes me smile” 

“Maybe if you can’t get somebody out of your head, they’re supposed to be there -Thinking of you”

“We may be miles apart , but keep me close to your heart” 

“I can’t think about anything , others than you . No matter how I force myself to stop , you make it too hard for me to do”

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